Our Design Process

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Our Design Process


The first phase of our projects is the programming phase. This phase is predesigning and is critical to determine scope of work and identify the project team. Understanding the critical path of the project provides the basis of the project timeline. The client’s aesthetic wishes for the project level of detail and finishes, function needs, furnishing style, budgetary requirements and identifying preferred vendors are key to programming every project.


The first design phase is the concept phase. In many cases this phase may be broken into two distinct milestones; concept and schematic design. Within the concept milestone; plan review, space planning, mood imagery, and initial material palette ideas are developed. Within the schematic milestone; interiors sketches, elevations, ceiling design, flooring patterns, furnishing mood and preliminary finish selections are developed for the key spaces.


After the design development phase is completed, the project is at point where the design can be resolved; when all of the decisions of the client and design team came tougher and the interior design documentation begin to take shape. preliminary set of documents may be issued, including furniture plans, reference plans, ceiling plans, flooring and tiles plan, lighting plans and interior elevations.


Once the client has approved the design phases, the depth detailing of the project’s designs begins. In the phase the interior design drawings are fully coordinated with consultants and vendors as needed. The detail work is required to ensure the design execution is created.


After the design details are developed and coordinated, the production of the working drawings is developed with the required construction information. In addition to the set of drawings, supplemental specification packages of plumbing, lighting, cabinetry finishes, and paint schedules are submitted. The documentation type is specifically tailored to the needs of the project and client.


The Implementation of the design is overseen by the design team. They work closely with the consultants and contractor, problem solving as needed, through all stages of the construction process. This phase also includes review of shop drawings and other consultant. Coordination as they reality of the spaces comes to life. Installation of the furnishing and adding the final touches are the conclusion and most exciting milestone of the realization of the design for each project.